Multi-adventure for people with disabilities in Huesca

Family multi-adventure activities in the Pyrenees that the little ones can do.

Modalities of activities with people with disabilities in Huesca.

We develop adventure activity programmes designed for people with cognitive and sensory disabilities. Designed so that you can enjoy the magic of sport and nature beyond the limits!

Because we know that there are no barriers for those who want to be adventurous, we accompany you on this new adventure! choose your adventure:

Advantages of multi-adventure activities as cognitive therapy

Our experience in working with people with disabilities confirms that there are many benefits. In addition to improving balance, coordination improves our quality of life and increases self-esteem, as well as providing a very effective tool for social inclusion, allowing us to relate to each other as equals through adventure sports.

Contact with Kayak Campo

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our activities, or if you want to make a suggestion for further improvement.

    What multi-adventure activities can a person with a disability do?

    We have a wide variety of adapted activities, which with the support of professionals can be carried out, regardless of whether they have a physical or sensory disability. We recommend: rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and double canoeing, ideal for visual impaired people. Any of them can be adapted to different needs, adventure sports are accessible to everyone.