Kayaking in Huesca

The Huesca Pyrenees is ideal for learning this sport, the quality of its rivers and whitewater make it a privileged place.

Modalities for kayaking in Huesca.

The Pyrenees of Huesca offers the possibility of practicing kayaking in calm waters, such as kayaking through its marshes and reservoirs, or whitewater kayaking, such as kayaking courses, baptisms or descents in inflatable kayaks through the different sections of whitewater. We have sections of initiation or advanced level, depending on the need or experience you want to have.

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Why kayaking in the region of Huesca

Whitewater kayaking seems to be just another sport to have fun, to entertain, to get in shape... But the truth is that whitewater kayaking is more than a sport, it is a way of living life, traveling around the world or exploring every corner of the Pyrenees of Huesca, we are always looking for its rivers, ravines or reservoirs to practice our king sport.

Huesca and its surroundings make it a privileged place to practice whitewater kayaking. The main rivers for kayaking in Huesca are: Esera River, in Benasque Valley; Ara River and Cinca River, in Ordesa Aragonese Pyrenees; and Gallego River, already approaching the city of Huesca.

Kayaking levels in Huesca

There are several levels of difficulty in the kayak courses and kayak descents in Huesca and we explain them below:

Initiation: You will learn the technique to navigate in calm waters and whitewater up to CLII. They are rivers with simple rapids, wide and with easy access to the shore.

Intermediate: They are developed in rivers with rapids and medium waves very variable, you will need to have a good control of the direction, balance and propulsion of the kayak to enjoy the descent of the rivers Ésera or Ara.

Advanced: You will learn to navigate rivers with high intensity rapids, such as the sections of the Ésera river in the Benasque valley, the Ventamillo gorge or Seira. Other ideal sections to do an advanced level kayak course is the Ara river in the section of Torla, Ordesa and Broto, one of the classic sections in the Pyrenees of Huesca. Let's not forget to mention the Cinqueta river, in the Ainsa Valley, only for the most experienced kayakers.