Kayak school

Our kayak school specializes in taking your skills to the desired level, personalizing our whitewater kayaking courses to meet your needs.

Courses available at our kayak school.

We offer a wide variety of courses adapted to all levels, from beginner to advanced, with content designed to facilitate learning:

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Benefits of training at our Kayak School

At Kayak Campo, we have extensive experience and certified guides trained in slalom, freestyle, descent, and extreme kayaking. Each modality enhances different skills, essential for handling complex situations during descents, especially in extreme kayaking.
Learning with an instructor allows you to progress gradually, laying a solid foundation and ensuring your safety.

What can you learn in our kayak school?

Our kayak school offers classes and scheduled courses aimed at teaching specific concepts for better understanding and learning. The courses are divided into different levels and specializations: Beginner: Learn the basics of kayaking in calm and white waters. Intermediate and Advanced: Improve your technique and face greater challenges.

  • Eskimo Roll: Master the technique of rolling in a kayak.
  • Safety and Rescue: Learn essential practices to stay safe on the water.
  • Freestyle: Learn advanced tricks and maneuvers.
  • Kayak Camps: Intensive programs for total immersion.
  • Rafting Guide Course: Professional training for rafting guides.
  • International Certifications: Obtain certifications like IRF and Rescue 3.

  • Enroll in our kayak school and take your skills to the next level with the best training and experience from our instructors.