Multi-adventure for couples and small groups in Huesca.

Come and have a great time with your partner, or with your lifelong colleague! An adventure getaway with different activities full of laughter and fun.

Modalities of activities for small groups or couples.

It can be a special date to celebrate, a gift, or just wanting to do something different with a special person. Any weekend is perfect to organize a getaway for two, or even with your group of friends. Look for the option that you like the most within the ones you see below, you know their tastes better.

Advantages of multi-adventure activities for couples and small groups.

Spending a few days with your partner or with your best friends will help you to strengthen your bond. Getting out of the routine, living different experiences, is another way to strengthen your friendship or relationship. What a great memory of that time that if it wasn’t for your lifelong friend you wouldn’t have gone rafting.

Contact with Kayak Campo

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our activities, or if you want to make a suggestion for further improvement.

    What multi-adventure activities can be done in small groups?

    Actually, whether you are a group or just two you can book almost all the multi-adventure activities we offer. Some of them are subject to a minimum group size but you can join a group already formed. We recommend Rafting and canyoning if you are a group of friends, and inflatable kayaking or canoeing if you go with your partner.